Marco Kacic Dec 31 Update

Last week, Marco Kacic was given the opportunity to test an F4 car for a California based team. We would like to give Marco’s sponsors an update on how it went and what’s next.

The team was extremely impressed with how quickly Marco learned the track and the F4 car. Marco set the unofficial F4 lap record by over a second. Former Indy car driver, Alex Barron, was Marco’s coach and he commented several times how impressive Marco’s car control was.

After the impressive test, the team offered Marco a partial sponsorship to come and drive for them in 2019 Formula Pro USA F4 Championship.

Although this is a great offer and opportunity, we still need to find some funding to cover expenses such as tires, entry fees and some consumable items. The amount we need to bring is more than we currently have to make a commitment to the team.

We are asking all of Marco’s sponsors if each company is able to contribute additional sponsorship funding so we can accept the offer that was given. The team has offered to add Marco’s sponsor logos to the side of the team transporter in order to help us attract additional funding.

Thank you
Marco Kacic Racing

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